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How to Download Facebook Video Online?

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Facebook is an amazing platform to connect with people and friends. The Facebook has seen huge growth in recent years, it is considered as one of the top social media sites. Once we are online, we can share everything from our everyday routine to crazy video via Facebook video, pictures to our friends and folks on Facebook. We can share photos, videos, posts with our friends via Facebook.

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One can do everything on Facebook starting from watching videos to posting pictures. But, once you go offline, nothing is visible. It is must to be connected to an internet to watch endless posts, pictures, and videos. When it comes to sharing the videos on Facebook, it can be done through YouTube, Dailymotion or other video sites. But there are times when you want to download the video and save it for future use. This can be done by a reliable video downloader.

There are several video downloaders, providing you with option of downloading the video but among all the online video downloaders. Facebook video downloader is the safest and most easy way to download all your favorite videos.

What is Facebook Video Downloader?

Each day millions of Facebook user around the world share different videos and communicate with the friends and family. But, there is no option provided by Facebook to download the videos; it can be only saved online to watch it in future. Unfortunately, in order to watch the video in future, you must be connected to the internet. But, with the help of option like Facebook video downloader, you can easily download the Facebook video and can watch it as per your comfort in an offline mode.

The user interface of Facebook video downloader is extremely easy to understand, which allows downloading 1 video at a time from Facebook. This tool is available free of cost and without any hidden terms and conditions.

How does Facebook Video Downloader work?

Facebook video downloader is an amazing tool, which allows you to download all your favorite video from Facebook feed into your digital devices like smartphone, tablets, and PC. In order to download a Facebook video, you must visit the Downloader’s official website & paste the URL of the desired video in the text box.

Once done, you can click ‘download’ button. The Facebook video will be downloaded to your smartphone or PC in just few minutes. If you have a slow internet connection issue or do not have the availability of the internet, the best option is to download the video via Facebook video downloader. You can later enjoy watching the video in offline mode.

Best thing is: You can always preview the video before downloading it using the Facebook video downloader. In addition to it, you can also check with other options like total size of the file, its duration.

Method to download the video using Facebook Downloader

Here are the steps to downloaded video via Facebook video downloader. The video can be downloaded on both smartphones as well as on system using the below mentioned simple steps.

Step 1: Open the video on your Facebook profile.

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Step 2: Now right click on the video, you will see an option to ‘show the URL’ of that video. Copy it from there. Or, you can directly copy it from browser’s URL bar.

online video facebook downloder

Step 3: Open the official website of Facebook Video Downloader.

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Step 4: Paste the copies URL after visiting the site. Click on the download option.

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Step 5: You can check the whole video on the left side now.

online video facebook downloder

Step 6: Now, you have got the two choices for downloading. You can either download the HD version or the normal version of that vide.

online video facebook downloder

Step 7: Once downloaded, you can view the video on your smartphone or laptop.

online video facebook downloder

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

1. Facebook Video Downloader is an excellent tool which helps to download the public video which is uploaded to Facebook. Everything can be done easily without any hassle.
2. Facebook Video Downloader have very basic steps to download the video of your choice, you can get the exact video without any fuss.
3. Facebook Video Downloader provides you with a facility to download the video with an only single click. You need not worry about the safety. It has absolutely no threat of virus or malware.
4. The interface of Facebook video downloader is simple and extremely user-friendly.

Advantages of Using Facebook Video Downloader

• You can download the viral Facebook videos and can forward it to your friends and family via other social media sites like WhatsApp and hike.
• Once you have downloaded the video, it is available on your device like smartphones and computer system in offline mode.
• If you are a creative person, you can also edit the video and make it more interesting.
• It is not always easy to play the video online, it will cost a lot of mobile data as well as streaming time. But, with the help of Facebook video downloader, you can simply download the video in short time and it can be used in an offline mode in future.
• There is no threat of malware while downloading the video using Facebook video downloader. Your device is absolutely safe.
• you can download as much video as you want using Facebook video downloaders. There is no limitation.
• Facebook video downloader is available free of cost and the entire download process is very simple. You don’t need to pay anything if you want to download your favorite video from Facebook.
• You can always have a backup of the video with the help of Facebook Video Downloader even if the origin video got deleted online.

Why use Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader comes to rescue when you want to watch videos but don’t have a high-speed internet connection. With the help of Facebook video downloader, you can download public videos from your Facebook newsfeed by simply pasting the URL on the https://fbvideodownload.site/ website. Later, you can enjoy watching the video in offline mode. You can play the videos multiple times without any extra charge. In addition to it, these downloaded videos can also be transferred to another device. Why this Facebook Video Downloader is the best for you?

The best benefit of using Facebook video downloader is, it is available free of cost and can download ‘n’ number of videos without any hassle. Downloading the video is the best option rather than waiting and streaming it for endless minutes. As a user, you need not pay a single penny from your pocket to download and watch the video. Once the video is downloaded, you can edit or modify it as per your choice. The video can be played, paused, forwarded as per your convenience without waiting even for a second. The best part is, all this can be done on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The website works seamlessly when you want to download a Facebook video, but it is possible only to download the public videos on Facebook. You cannot download a shared or private video using the tool as Facebook does not provide permission to download a Facebook user video, if it is shared with the friends or privately. You will be able to copy the URL but once you paste the URL link on Facebook downloader, you will get an error since you are not authorized to use the Facebook video. Apart from this, Facebook video downloader works as a brilliant tool to download all the public videos via Facebook. The tool can be used on both smartphones as well as a computer to view all your favorite downloaded videos.